Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Decision is Your Responsbility

When faced with choice, it can be overwhelming and confusing. We need to make a decision on what to do ourselves. We can turn to God, family, friends, media, society for counsel. But ultimately, we have the final call, and take responsibility for it. We cannot blame others for our decision to act on their advice.

It is the act of drawing a line, a firm finality to put uncertainty to death. A boundary or rule in place so to guide yourself and others in your interactions. It's like the two pointy ends of an oval shaped leaf. You can see how the pointy ends lead to a definite point, but the middle of the leaf balloons out of proportion when there is not certainty. Confusion ensues until the decision is made.

This is no simple thing to do. Often what we want to do conflicts with God, family, friends, media, society says we should do. However, we need to stand strong and focus on our anchor. For me, it is God. For you, you may not be sure yet, and on the journey to discover your anchor. That's ok. I hope to share in this journey to discover the adventure that lies ahead.

" 'Growing Up' is not simply about a matter of time passing, or of getting taller; maturity is not about the onset of wrinkles. Instead, I would argue, both are about learning to live life to the full in a world that is deeply compromised but without sacrificing personal integrity. It means learning to move from the shallow end of life to deeper and riskier waters." 

---Roy McCloughry, "God, Sex, The Universe and all that", p25
 Let's go to help each other figure out how to live life to the full without the snags of regret that so often plague us. You're invited on board. So you coming for the ride or not?

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