Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bloom beautiful bloom!

(Photo courtesy of Hip Hip Gin Gin)
Mum bought a lovely bunch of light pink peonies around Mother's day. Many of them rapidly went into full blossom and filled our living room with a light, fresh fragrance.
However, I noticed one or two of these flowers remained tightly closed. I wondered if they were dead. Should I bin them?
Perhaps, they are still there, waiting for their moment. Give them a chance, I thought.
A few days later, these tight buds gently opened up their petals to their full blossom. I admired their beauty and their struggle to bloom.
What did I learn from the flowers?
Just because you are slower to bloom, doesn't make you any less valuable.
Perhaps you needed that extra bit of life giving water,
a little bit more time,
a little bit more courage.
You are able to bloom too.
Others will appreciate your bloom when others have faded or moved on.
Walk your journey out at your own pace.

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